Grog Save The Queen logo, a skull wearing a crown, drinking grog. The skull's mouth is open wide as if laughing or taking a big gulp.

Grog Save the Queen

It's a Pirate Regime!

Welcome ye scurvy sea dogs. Whether ye be salty old pros from the alpha/beta or new to Sea of Thieves, we’d love to have ye aboard.

We are a crew of mature, mostly British pirates, though we welcome anyone who speaks English, has a microphone and would like to sail with us. There’s over 100 of us now but we’ve maintained a close knit friendly group.

Find us here :

Grog keep the code!

  1. Every mature sailor with a microphone and an English tongue be welcome aboard.
  2. But we be mainly a British crew with a taste for tomfoolery and a penchant for punnery.
  3. Discrimination and griefing be not tolerated. Any pirate may be marooned from the crew for malfeasance. Article 2 be not a defense.
  4. Our peak sailing hours are evenings and weekends GMT.
  5. Attendance be not mandated. We sail because we want to, not because of the code.
  6. As in the law of Black Bart, crew mates be divided into Lords and Commons.
  7. Lords be proposing a vote on crew matters. Lords and Commons each be having 1 equal vote.
  8. The Founder shall be settling all ties.
  9. Crew mates shall only fire on each other in pursuant of article 2. Thievery within the fleet, without compensation, shall be at the mercy of the Lords.


For those loyal and dedicated sailors who want to invest their gold hoard, we have Grog Save the Queen crew colours to wear with pride! The bounty available includes: shirts, stickers, phone covers, scarves and much more.

A pirate wearing a Grog Save the Queen t-shirt. The t-shirt is designed with the elements of a Jolly Roger pirate flag, but contains the Grog Saves logo, a skull wearing a crown, taking a gulp of grog from a tankard.

Check out the booty here

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